Lets make our Punjab beautiful and safe
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Punjab WellBeing Board

Hoping to create a healthy and safe world

What we want to achieve?


We want our Punjab to be healthy, clean, beautiful and safe for everybody. We would like to educate people for better life and safe future in Punjab.
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with us

One person can not change this planet. We all have to contribute towards a better life. please subscribe us, tell us about your village/town. See your village with our eyes.

Village Improvement Fund


Do you know what’s happening with your village grants and other fundings. Why not take some interest in it, challenge your sarpanch and make your village beautiful and safe.

About us


We are Non religious non political non government organization. Made of educated board members, who will guide and help Punjab citizens to achieve a healthy society in Punjab.

Our main mission is to educate public, create awareness and help them to live a healthy life in safe environment.

We are you, and You are we. We all have to do something to make our lives better.

We are in the process of recruiting Board members and non board members.

If you are interested please contact us here.

Board members have to have leadership qualities, they should know all about Punjab, well educated, honest with clean character, and very honest with no criminal record.

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