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10 Q’s

Please ask these 10 questions to your Sarpanch before election.

1) Why you want to stand in elections?
Is it for name or fame, or you want to write sarpanch on your tractor or jeep or you really want to improve the lives of your village citizens.

2) Do you know the needs of your local citizens?
Do you know what is missing in your village? such as school, bus service, poor sanitation, poor drainage system etc

3) Are you mentally and physically healthy?
Do you have any anger problem? or any other mental illness that stop you thinking clearly. Do you understand and able to communicate with different people from different back grounds and from different caste/religions?

4) Are you able to get any reference from anybody? Can anybody give you good character certificate?

5) Do you have any police record or any criminal case pending?

6) Can you read and write?

7) Do you have any gun in your house? if yes why you need a gun?

8) Once you get elected, would you be able to treat every body equally, irrespective of their religion, caste or colour?

9) Will you be able to treat women respectfully, and maintain their dignity?

10) Are you aware of the salaries of Sarpanch? I thinks its Rs 5000 per month. Would you be able to survive in such a small amount?

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