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The main objective of this website is to promote equality and well being of our dearest Punjabi community in Punjab in India. We would like to improve the health of our community and we will try to help them to get basic human rights. We will try to improve the over all well being of human beings living in Punjab in India. We will also try to help other communities and countries and states to achieve the same goal of human rights all over the glove. We will start in Punjab and hopefully will be able to improve the lives of every body on this planet Earth irrespective of their color, caste and religion.

We would like to create an awareness among our population, and will collect data in all villages in Punjab. By comparing the data in all villages we will create competition and awareness to improve the human rights.

You will be surprised to know that 90% people in developing countries don’t even get their basic rights.

In developed countries such as UK, USA, people have more rights and no responsibilities.

Initially we will try to focus on the following issues:

1) Who is the sarpanch (elected leader) of your village?

In many villages the sarpanch is a lady (reserved seats to promote women rights), but over all command is in the hands of her husband or her son. At first instance why did she stand for election, if she is not able to play any role as a sarpanch? Why is she still getting the salary from government, when she play no role in taking responsibility?

We want to make sure the Sarpanch is educated enough to understand local needs and to do something positive to improve the lives of his public. We may need to test their knowledge, test their eye sight, test their hearing, and then mental ability test. I do not want any dumb person controlling our lives.

How to choose a right Sarpanch?

Ask him/her to answer these 10 questions. Click here

2) Domestic violence

Many illiterate villagers still beat their wives under the influence of alcohol. They think wives are just to cook, clean and to entertain them. Ladies have no rights in practical life. Although there are strict rules for women, but no body follow them. We want to improve the lives of mothers, sisters and daughters.

3) Dowry

People love to discus about dowry. Who get, how much dowry in his wedding. In most cases people show off about their wealth by spending too much money on their children weddings. It make poor people feel guilty, and some time they are forced to give dowry for the well being of their daughter. Its such a cruel tradition, that left parents in lots of debt, just to make sure the inlaws are happy and they won’t kill their daughter. Such a shame on those people who asked for dowry and torture their daughter in laws and demand more dowry in the form of money, cars, and jewelry. There are already rules and the minimum sentence is 7 to 10 years for asking dowry, but how many people knows about this rule and how many approach police? In how many cases police take any action?

4) Drugs

Punjab is very famous for drugs. Green revolution brought lots of wealth in farmers lives but it also brought drugs. Every day lots of young people are dying because of these drugs. In all countries all teenagers are prone to drugs. Even in developed countries its very hard to deal with drugs. But in developing countries such as India, its easy to control drugs. Why it’s so easy? Because they sell drugs without any restrictions and without any fear. Its so easy to buy any drugs on the road than any vegetables for cooking. If we manage to stop these road side drug dealers, I am sure we can stop at least 80% of drug business.

People have to start informing the police, and if Police don’t take any action, we can always challenge them. Because they are public servants and they get paid for their job.

5) Basic Facilities

a) Village schools

There is a school in almost every village in Punjab. But how many children attend school? What is the attendance rate? I know these government schools are almost free on negligible fee, but still lots of students don’t even finish their secondary school. Why?

We would like to look in to each and every school result. How many pass their board exam? Whats is the attendance of school teachers? Many school teacher do not come to school every day. Their colleagues cover each other. There are no libraries in rural areas. There are no desks, no electricity and no toilet facilities in the schools. Most of the teachers comes from cities in their cars and they do not understand the needs of village children. All they come there to pass time and then retire on good pension. Such a shame on those people who do not do their job properly.

b) Village roads

80% roads that leads villages to cities are broken, never repaired and some time its hard to recognize roads from fields. Many roads are occupied by local farmers. They kept on cutting the edges of roads to increase the measurements of their agriculture land. When I was a child roads were the double the size of current roads. Why no body stop these farmers to damage the roads? Are they too powerful than rules or local government?  Or do they think they are untouchable?

c) Drainage system

Do you get flooding in your village? Whom will you blame for this? to yourself for not growing enough trees or to your Sarpanch or local politician for blocked drains? Or why don’t you clean your drains by yourself? Why do you prefer to live in dirty environment?

d) Healthy water

People are dying due to Hepatitits A, Typhoid and other water born diseases in Punjab. Why are you opening toilet holes in to the core of earth or in to water table? Why sanitary pipes are mixed with drinking water? Why local industry is still pouring the waste in to our local water resources?

Why there is no water tank in your village?

6) No bullyism, No Racism

Do you still discriminate people due to their caste, religion, and skin color? if Yes why? How do you treat Daily paid workers from other states? Do you pay them the national minimum wages? Do you bully your next door neighbor? Why do you have a gun in your house? Do you need one? if yes why? Who gave you this gun? Can you prove it that you need guns to survive?

Do you still call other castes with their names? such as,  do you call Ravidasi by name of chamar? if yes why? Do you have lots of Gurudwaras for different castes?

Where I live in Coventry, in UK, There are so many Gurdwaras. Such as for Jatts, Harijans, Ravidas, Ramgaria and some personal ones belong to families and Sants. You must be thinking if Sikhs in England can have so many Gurdwaras, why can’t you have so many in your villages. Good question. I want you to be better than any one else. I do not want you to be fighting for Gurdwaras money. I do not want you to commercialize Gods place. All we will be telling you good things.

7) Local Police roles

If you are in trouble, whom you gonna call? If your life is at risk from local village gangs or your local politician or group of drug dealers, whom will you ask for help? In England I will call 999. Is there any number in place to call for help in Punjab? If yes, does it work? Do you get help from local Police? If not, we can always make sure that help is available to everybody, rich and poor. But this can only happens with your support and unity.

8) Local politician

Mr X Singh hates his brother Mr Y Singh, because they both belong to different political parties. Such a shame. Why people love their politicians? Why politicians hate coming to your village after election? You know why!!! but you have no guts to challenge your politicians.

9) Protect Environment and old buildings

Farmers burn paddy straw

 There is an official ban on burning paddy straw. Why farmers are doing it? I think they are lazy and don’t care about any ones health. There should not be any excuse. Its your land, you grow crops to make money, we deserve no harm from your actions. If you still do not listen, action has to be taken by Police. Farmers need education and help to deal with this straw paddy. We have to think about alternatives, such as Biomass plants. According to Business-standard.com there are few biomass plants in Mukhtsar, Ferozpur, Patiala and Hoshiarpur. 

(PPCB) The Punjab Pollution Control Board has, imposed a ban on burning of paddy straw in the state. Violators are supposed to be booked under Section 188 (disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act.

Trees: Sometime I think I have more trees in my garden in UK, than in my entire village. When I look at Punjab from Google maps, I could barely see any trees. Why? Greediness of farmers, I would say. Sorry. I do not hate farmers, I want to help them, I want to educate them. Only if they let me do it. I know new generation is very keen to change the system. But we need action for everything.

Historical buildings:

10) Local Services

10a) Local Bus service

10b) Local health facilities

10c) Local Fire brigade

10d) Local Veterinary services





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